Anup Ravi

Leadership Consultant



About Anup Ravi

Anup Ravi brings a sense of adventure to conflict resolution. His mediating experience is rare and one befitting the story of a protagonist in a great epic novel; managing teams in natural disaster, sea expeditions, and evacuation from an armed robbery are just a few strings to his bow. Living and working in over fifty countries, notably his native India to Europe, Asia, Africa and at sea, adaptability and a cross-cultural perspective provide the framework for Anup’s approach to mediation. It can also be assumed that Anup knows his way around an airport and, legend has it, is running out of pages in his passport.

Anup Ravi joined TCM in November 2020 as an Associate Resolution Consultant at TCM. His focus is on using his coaching and mediation skills and leadership experience to enable clients to focus on the areas that really matter and achieve transformational changes that make a truly positive impact.

With over 14 years of experience as a leader in both national and international organisations and as an ICF approved coach, Anup supports his clients to move outside their comfort zone and push themselves beyond their fears, to develop a vision that fosters courage and accelerates growth. He’s a great listener, skilled at guiding and enabling people to maximise their potential through a structured coaching process and can truly relate to so many of the challenges that people in evolving circumstances can face.

Anup brings global experience and cross-cultural understanding, having worked internationally as a humanitarian aid worker and a marine engineer, leading teams from all around the world in conflict settings, in natural disaster response and at sea. Whether it’s responding to the flooding engine room of a ship or coordinating the evacuation of his team after an armed robbery, Anup has built a strong understanding of how people work effectively together when the vision is clear. He draws on such experiences to help his clients achieve their personal and professional objectives.

From project initiation through to well established large- scale programmes, Anup has managed teams in a wide range of circumstances. He has experience in a wide range of responsibilities, from recruitment and training of new teams to designing and managing all stages of the project cycle and closing projects. As such, he is experienced in building close, supportive teams and developing the positive, collaborative culture that fosters happy teams and brilliant results.

Originally from India, Anup is now settled in the UK with his family. In addition to humanitarian response and marine engineering, Anup has been working in business development and coaching in recent years, working both in the not for profit and corporate sectors.