Welcome to Engage Leadership™. A unique range of leadership and management development programmes designed and delivered by the leadership and culture transformation experts from The TCM Group. We support managers and leaders to develop the confidence, the competence and the courage to engage their teams for sustained high performance.
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Management Development Programmes

Our highly sought after management development programmes enhance individual and organisational capability through world-class training, leadership coaching, consultancy and diagnostics. We offer a structured delivery model which is proven to help leaders to develop their competencies and confidence across 7 dimensions (see graphic below). We know that these are essential for leading people at all levels, particularly during periods of change, uncertainty, conflict and crisis.

We keep the messages simple and accessible. However, you can be assured that each management development programme we design and deliver is underpinned by powerful theoretical frameworks such as positive psychology, behavioural science, whole systems thinking, emotional intelligence, transactional analysis, nonviolent communication (NVC) and NLP

Centred around our 7 key leadership dimensions

Engage Leadership™ comprises 7 leadership dimensions which, when combined, enhance leaders’ capability to remain people, performance and engagement-focused. We help managers and leaders to develop these 7 dimensions through skilfully tailored management and leadership programmes.

Each programme benefits from the very latest teaching and learning methods including psychometrics, tutor led workshops, action learning sets, 360-degree reviews, work-based projects, individual & group coaching, and peer mentoring.  Each Engage Leadership™ programme enables leaders and managers to develop the confidence and competence they need to engage their teams from operational supervisory level to senior leadership.

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Leaders possess the courage to respond to uncertainty, challenge and change in a calm and agile way, unleashing employees’ inner brilliance.
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Leaders build connections and sustain flow between organisational purpose, values, strategy, and culture, enabling meaningful interactions.
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Leaders facilitate cooperative and inclusive working, where diverse ideas and views are shared, to accelerate individual and team performance.
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Leaders articulate a sense of purpose to their employees which in turn drives a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and growth.
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Leaders hold quality conversations which are empowering and engaging. This way of communicating builds trust, respect, and accountability.
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Leaders empathise and understand others when making business decisions. They connect with the emotions, needs and goals of their colleagues.
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Leaders ask questions, listen, and show a genuine interest in their employees to foster psychological safety and drive high performance.
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For over 20 years, Engage Leadership has been proudly working with many household names to help their managers and leaders to create high performing, people-centred organisations.


We provide a high-impact approach for leaders to create a climate for success in which their teams can collaborate with passion, focus and energy.

Barbora Kosnarova Global Learning and Development Manager at proSapient

“The whole experience working with Engage Leadership has been great. Chloe was supporting us from start to finish, she went above and beyond to help us book the right solution. We chose to go with the Quality Conversations training as we wanted to equip our first-time managers with a toolkit to handle common challenges like giving feedback, leading tricky conversations and managing conflict. Our trainer, Aideen, was a fabulous facilitator and she shared useful strategies with everyone. She made the training into an interactive conversation with everyone feeling involved and included.”

Sheila Begum Commissioning Officer at London Borough of Tower Hamlets

“The trainer’s delivery of the course has been just the right balance between being informative as well as enjoyable. The course covered a number of key areas in a short space of time, but did not feel overwhelming. The trainer gave us the opportunity to reflect back on our learning through engaging activities which has proven to be meaningful and has personally given me the confidence to start using new skills and implement the learning acquired especially around leadership traits and styles.”

Mashhuda Kazi General Manager at NHS

“The course offers intense learning on such important and powerful human connections, working heavily with emotions. As all of us interface whether that be in work or personal, such skills, tools and techniques can help, learnt through this course. It equips you with concepts and complex issues better. We had a great trainer and had a wonderful, though very intensive, week.”

Jim Matthews HR Business Partner at South Norfolk and Broadland District Council

“At the age of 53, I found this the most inspiring experience in development I have had in my working life.”

Robert Longley-Cook Chief Executive at HFT

“Had been impressed with a talk from David on achieving the benefits of ‘positive conflict’ so invited him/Engage Leadership to facilitate a process to optimise our Executive team-working. Really worked well: the power of professional external facilitation allowed us all to take more risk and confront issues in a more open way. Now have a great framework – both individual and team – for taking the team to an even better level of interaction: critical given the pressures we are facing in our business sector. And it was fun too!”




Through the Engage Leadership delegate zone, we provide access to eLearning content including worksheets, videos and quizzes.

Skills Practice

Skills practice is also known as role play. Engage Leadership facilitators love role play and so will delegates on one of our courses after they’ve done it properly.

Learning Logs

We encourage delegates to keep detailed learning logs to assist their learning.

Classroom-Based Learning

Tutorials and workshops.
Generally, one per month but we can run more if required.

Coaching (one to one or group)

We can run coaching sessions on a one to one basis or for small groups of 2 or 3. This is particularly useful in our advanced management programmes.


Personality Profile

We recommend DISC, SDI (Strengths Development Inventory) and MBTI®. We are able to provide feedback through one to one or group coaching.

360 Degree Learning

This is a useful way to gather and share feedback from team members and managers. Our facilitators relay all feedback given in a supportive and constructive way.

Works-Based Projects

Delegates are encouraged to apply the learning into a real life activity such as a project or a change programme.

Team-Building Events

Teams work collaboratively to solve problems or overcome challenges.
Forum roleplay with actors

Professional actors are used to simulate a fully immersive role play. They are great fun and always receive top marks.


Should you wish to receive additional recognition for the development of your leaders, we can include the option for recognised accreditation of our development programmes, through the ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management).

All ILM-accredited programmes have a structured assessment criteria, which include completion of assignments and reflective logs. These criteria vary depending on subject and qualification level. We can provide ILM-accredited training in a range of topics from National vocational qualification (NVQ) level 2 to level 7.


Connecting people with the purpose and values of your organisation produces outstanding results. Teams are extraordinary when they collaborate with focus and energy. This passion to succeed comes from the climate created by their leaders. For over 20 years, Engage Leadership have been recognised as experts in supporting organisations to create high performing, people-centred organisations. Be that Leader.

Through our suite of management development programmes and consultancy services, we focus on creating high levels of passion towards the achievement of shared goals within a people-centred organisation culture.

Coaching is a core feature amongst our full portfolio of leadership development.



We offer a full suite of management development packages, to support you on your journey towards leadership excellence.

“When leaders attend an Engage Leadership programme, they undergo a transformation. They are more aware of their leadership role and responsibilities and they feel ready to take those on with confidence.”



Below you’ll find a collection of downloadable resources, articles and brochures, to provide a wider overview of our leadership and management offering here at Engage Leadership.

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