Vanessa Green

Leadership Consultant


About Vanessa Green

Vanessa Green is an accomplished senior transformational and operational leader with a diverse professional background encompassing both policing, hospitality and education.   With a strong foundation and an innate ability to navigate complex workplace dynamics, Vanessa brings with her a wealth of exceptional experience.

Having served as a senior transformational and operational leader within policing for decades, Vanessa developed a profound understanding of effective conflict resolution and crisis management. Her experience in dealing with high-pressure situations honed her skills in maintaining composure and making sound decisions under stress. These invaluable qualities seamlessly transitioned into her current role in the UK largest hospitality company and as an Associate Partner of TCM where she effectively uses here skills as a workplace conflict mediator and problem solver.

Vanessa is able to foster positive relationships with diverse stakeholders and this collaborative approach allows her to defuse tense situations, facilitate constructive dialogue, and achieve peaceful resolutions.

Recognising her passion for promoting harmony in professional environments, Vanessa transitioned into the field of business consultancy, focusing on workplace conflict mediation and problem-solving. As an Associate Partner, she brings her expertise in conflict resolution and her unique ability to identify underlying issues and propose innovative solutions.

Vanessa’s approach to conflict mediation combines empathy, active listening, and strategic thinking. She excels in creating inclusive spaces where individuals can voice their concerns, fostering a collaborative environment that leads to mutually beneficial outcomes. Her strong analytical skills enable her to assess complex organisational challenges, identify root causes, and develop customised strategies that address systemic issues.

In addition to her extensive practical experience, Vanessa is a TCM Accredited Investigator and Mediator.

As an Associate Partner of TCM Vanessa is dedicated to empowering organisations to thrive by fostering healthy work environments and resolving conflicts with tact, empathy, and strategic foresight. Her unique blend of policing expertise, conflict resolution skills, and business acumen continues to make a profound impact on clients seeking sustainable growth and harmonious workplaces.