Confidence, Competence and Courage in Leadership by Malachi McPherson

15 Sep 2022
Written by: The TCM Group

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Leadership and management services support is a growing focus within TCM. The TCM Group’s Engage Leadership service has been developed to support today’s managers and leaders to develop the confidence, competence, and courage to engage their teams for sustained high performance.

Recent national and global events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, climate, environment and sustainability issues, social justice movement, industrial strife and more recently the cost of living crisis, undoubtedly conjure up a challenging environment for leadership. Therefore, it is more important than ever to create inclusive, positive and sustainable workplaces.

These principles underpin our work around developing transformational leadership approaches, competencies and capability within the organisations we work with.

What is a transformational culture?

In his book of the same name, the TCM Group’s Founder and CEO David Liddle states “A transformational culture is fair, just, inclusive, sustainable, and high performing. In a transformational culture, our values and our shared sense of purpose provide the basis for success. It is a place where our managers and leaders help each of us to be the best version of ourselves through inclusive, respectful and authentic dialogue.”

But why does it matter?

For years we have seen a failure of retributive justice. This causes harm, distress, stress, anxiety, creating distraction and disruption within high performing teams. There is a boutique drive towards a new model of justice, which brings people together and resolve issues constructively. Increasingly, employees require much more from managers and leaders in terms of their flexibility, adaptability, empathy and understanding. Leaders need the ability to work within complex team environments and cope with the pressures of the modern workplace.

Forward-thinking leadership will…

  • Attract and retain top talent, investors and customers.
  • Accelerate the shift towards a purpose led, values based and person-centred workplace.
  • Integrate restorative justice: collaborative, constructive and compassionate.
  • Embed managerial flexibility, adaptability and agility.
  • Identify and resolve the root cause of concerns or complaints as close to source as possible.
  • Promote creativity, innovation and a high growth mindset = competitive advantage.

David proposes there are 7 Cs: courage, connection, collaboration, common purpose, communication, compassion and curiosity, which provide the framework for embodying behaviour aligned with the model of positive leadership.

Feeding back on the 7 Cs during our introductory ‘Engage Leadership’ webinar, one delegate backed these notions asserting “[In the workplace] they seem to stem quite a lot from poor communication and the things that came up is a lack of transparency. The loss of the message, particularly when it’s a message coming from the top somewhere in what I call the permafrost of middle management, where the real message is not getting through to the frontline.”

In case you missed the webinar, you can delve into the topic further here.

Engage Leadership: An Introductory Webinar | Wednesday 14th September 2022 from The TCM Group on Vimeo.