Meet the Engage Leadership™ Team



David Liddle – CEO and Founder of The TCM Group

David is passionate about transformational leadership and values-led management practices. He is author of two best selling books. His first book MANAGING CONFLICT explores the need for managers and leaders to handle conflict more effectively. His second book, TRANSFORMATIONAL CULTURE, offers leaders, managers and others a blueprint for a fair, just, inclusive, sustainable and high performing organisation.

Engage Leadership™ delivers on David’s vision for a high quality leadership and management development programme which is relevant to 21st Century organisations. Out with dreary, off the shelf training that is easily forgotten. In with high impact learning that delivers sustainable and measurable results. David has recruited an expert pool of leadership specialists, to assist him in delivering the comprehensive portfolio of training and consultancy programmes which form Engage Leadership™.


Our Leadership Specialists


Over the years, we have attracted some of the most talented leadership development specialists to join the team, and we continue to grow and invest in their professional development. Our leadership consultants are united by their collective commitment to developing high-performance, values-based organisational cultures. Together, they make Engage Leadership one of the fastest-growing, and most successful leadership development consultancies in Europe.

Ade Adeniji

Ade is a Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Mediator, with over 20 years of experience. He adopts a holistic approach to all aspects of his work, which involves giving voice to unspoken words and behaviours, with a view to having conscious, courageous conversations. Ade is an expert in workplace wellbeing, diversity and inclusion and has supported a variety of organisations in creating inclusive workplaces.


Marie Coombes

Marie worked for Royal Mail for 17 years, specialising in conflict resolution and mediation. She has delivered bespoke group mediations, team facilitations and wider engagement activities, to help understand the root cause of workplace issues. In 2020, she was nominated and won workplace mediator of the year at the National Mediation awards. Outside of work, Marie enjoys music, running, weight training and quality time with her family!

Rosie Compton

Rosie is passionate about conflict resolution and organisational transformation and has a wide variety of experience, building on a successful track record as a senior leader in inner London schools. With a vested interest in inspiring women to lead, Rosie has completed the ‘Women Transforming Leadership’ programme at Oxford University. When not working, Rosie is often found on the water, as a keen swimmer and rower!

Anup Ravi

Anup holds over 14 years of leadership experience, in both national and international organisations. He’s extremely well-travelled, having lived and worked in over 50 countries. Also an ICF approved coach, he supports his clients to move outside their comfort zones and push themselves beyond their fears to develop a vision that fosters courage and accelerates growth. He’s a great listener, skilled at maximising people’s potential through a structured coaching process.

Stephen Adams

Stephen joined us, following a background in banking, holding various Director and Executive roles. Over the years, he has delivered more than 1000 hours of training and coaching, with groups ranging from individuals to classes of 5-25 colleagues. As a trained mediator and investigator, he also brings conflict resolution expertise to the resolution space. Outside of work, Stephen likes to keep active and enjoys Golf, Skiing, Yoga, and walking.

Elizabeth Nuckowska

Elizabeth has over 25 years’ HR experience in Human Resources and Operations, across the public, private and not for profit sectors. She has received numerous awards for her leadership and diversity programmes in various settings and has been responsible for training and mentoring trainers, mediators, investigators and coaches. Outside of work, Elizabeth is passionate about the natural world, with a particular fondness for gardening.