Create Transformational Leaders

Leadership Bootcamp

Create better leaders in five sessions, delivered over five days:

  • Building a successful culture and positive workplace
  • 7 dimensions of leadership
  • Values-based leadership to drive performance
  • Quality conversations
  • Managing conflict and change

Leadership Development Programme

A unique range of leadership development programmes customised to meet the needs of your business:

  • Leadership learning modules
    Reflecting the global and organisational opportunities and challenges of the leadership team.
  • Individual Coaching
    Personalised development goals will be explored and coaching conversations will provide insights and accountability for performance excellence.
  • Peer and team feedback and review
    180, 360 or self-assessment insights will inform coaching and goal setting, while providing a benchmark for development.
  • Achieving challenge goals
    We will implement audacious strategic goals with peers within the leadership team, alongside coaching to apply learning from the programme and a showcase of leadership across boundaries.

The 7 dimensions of Engage Leadership™

Engage Leadership™ comprises 7 leadership dimensions which, when combined, enhance leaders’ capability to remain people, performance and engagement-focused. We help managers and leaders to develop these 7 dimensions through skilfully tailored management and leadership programmes.

Each programme benefits from the very latest teaching and learning methods including psychometrics, tutor led workshops, action learning sets, 360-degree reviews, work-based projects, individual & group coaching, and peer mentoring.  Each Engage Leadership™ programme enables leaders and managers to develop the confidence and competence they need to engage their teams from operational supervisory level to senior leadership.

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The courage to respond to uncertainty, challenge and change whilst remaining calm, civil and respectful.
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Aligns the needs and aspirations of the organization with those of its people.
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Building a safe and inclusive culture, where diverse ideas and views are shared and performance is enhanced.
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Fostering belonging, connectedness and alignment which promotes growth and success
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Holding quality conversations which are empowering and engaging.
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Connecting with the emotions, needs, beliefs and aspirations of their people.
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Asking the right questions, at the right time, in the right way.
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“After I attended TCM’s Engage Leadership™ programme, I became more aware of my own strengths and limitations. I felt more confident to tackle some of the leadership challenges that my colleagues and I were facing. Thank you!.”

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